Monday, April 4, 2016

Our American house has American internet. :) :) :)

   Kyle, Gunner, Tesla, and the general potato shape that I have become have moved into our new house and I think it finally smells like us. One of the most annoying parts of moving (in my opinion) is trying to get over how much a new house smells like someone else's... but I think glade plugins, cooking, and using my handy dandy new coffee maker has gotten us to a good start.  This house has some definite quirks... like a possessed garage door, a dive-bombing dove in our pergola,  and a guest bedroom we're not allowed in.. (The door is suddenly... locked? Held closed by a ghost who works out quite a bit? Idk... but we can't get in there.), but we feel pretty lucky to have found a nice place in a good neighborhood right at the base of the mountains. 
    As per usual with a military family returning from overseas, we really have no idea when our stuff will get here. Hopefully the boat hasn't caught fire somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, destroying everything we own. (It happens.) Usually it isn't such a big deal staying on air mattresses and eating on the floor.. except in this case I am 8 months pregnant with the Incredible Hulk and those activities sound like absolute torture. Thankfully, my husband loves me and wants me to be actually happy.. instead of just pretending to be happy when what I really want to do is crawl under the porch like an old dog and die. ... so we now have a king-sized mattress and box spring and a super wide snuggler recliner. These things are actually intended for the expansion of our family, since we're pretty sure Gunner will be sleeping in our bed til he's 18 and the boys and I will undoubtedly be camped out on the recliner for awhile after I give birth... but they really help me out now, as well. This is especially true since my body is hilariously terrible at everything and I spent some time in the hospital yesterday. I'll know more tomorrow hopefully but I am having high blood pressure for the first time in my life and so we are trying to watch out for pre-eclampsia on top of the cholestasis problem I had with Gunner, AND gestational diabetes.  I'm supposed to call for a follow-up tomorrow and will HOPEFULLY get to see my OB on Tuesday.  I have been having lots of headaches, dizziness, itching, and swelling so it will be good to get some actual bloodwork done and be safe, rather than sorry. 
    There is really so much more I could write about, and I will try to soon, but I really should at least TRY to sleep. I'll try to keep everyone informed on a possible induction date as soon as I know it and maybe, just MAYBE we will have our furniture and other things by then? It is awfully hard to nest in an empty, echoey house... and many of our baby things are on that boat.. but I DID order his carseat today and will hopefully have a lead on a baby swing soon (We sold Gunner's soon after he outgrew it, due to lack of forethought and living in a tiny British house.) 
   Anyway, know that you are loved!
  Until later. :) -Lolli

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